Etiquette in the Workplace

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Being employed is an imperative part of life. While a person may head into their office or workplace each and everyday, there are many people who struggle with interacting and socializing with coworkers. Learning proper etiquette in the workplace is essential, so here are a few tips to help. Dress for Success There will be millions of employees who will walk into their workplace wearing clothes that are not professional. While many companies do not require a business suit or dress suit, it is imperative for employees to discuss dress code with their employers. Certain articles of clothing may not be permitted, but it will be up to the employee to learn what is appropriate or not. Jeans are popular options for many causal work environments, but there are companies that do not allow denim. No matter what the dress code is, dressing properly should be mandatory. It should be common sense that graphic tees, miniskirts, or sneakers should not be allowed. Employers want to see their workers wearing clothing that ...

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Do It Yourself Lawn Care

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One of the best ways to ensure that your home continues to appear attractive and stays in good shape is to take care of your lawn. Having a well groomed lawn will increase the curb appeal and value of your home and will also help to keep bugs away. While you could hire professionals to care for your lawn, it can get expensive. Instead, you should follow several do it yourself home lawn care tips. The first tip for proper home lawn care is to aerate your lawn on a regular basis. Aerating your lawn is a process where you will dig out some tiny holes, which will let the rest of the lawn breathe. This will ensure that the lawn gets plenty of oxygen, which will help it stay healthy and look full and green. Most hardware stores will let you rent an aerator. The whole process can normally be done in just a few hours. Another tip to follow is to avoid over watering your lawn. While watering is important to ensure the viability of your lawn, some people tend to over water. In some rainier climates, the natural rainf ...

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Food Safety and Health: Prevent Sickness

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It’s fun to get people together for at-home brunches, dinner parties, and outdoor picnics and barbecues, but hosts must remember to be cautious any time they serve food. Food safety is vital for happy, healthy guests and family members. The last thing homeowners want is to be responsible for getting someone sick due to improper food handling. Not only can it lead to litigation, but it makes it very hard to get anyone to come to another party! Hygiene is the most important factor to preventing food-borne illness. Anyone preparing or serving food should have clean hands and should keep food prep and serving areas cleaned. Avoid cross-contamination by keeping plates and utensils used for raw meat away from any other foods until they’ve been washed with hot, soapy water. Temperature is another important thing to watch in food safety. Foods have a “danger zone” temperature range of 40°F to 140°F where bacteria growth is most pronounced. Keep food out of this temperature range by a ...

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Tricks To Save Money On Shipping For Your Business

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The cost of most things is increasing, and that includes shipping costs. Business owners are feeling the crunch of rising shipping costs, but fortunately, there are several things that you can do to cut the expenses. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you save money on shipping costs: Use A Postage Meter If you do a lot of shipping, then you want to make sure that you invest in a postage meter. It will not only help you save money, but it will also help you save time. A postage meter is a device that will weigh the package and calculate the exact amount of postage needed. This eliminates the need to round up the estimated postage fees, which is a practice that can cause you to spend a lot more money over time. Use Light Material For Packaging Have you ever wondered why a lot of businesses like to use styrofoam and bubble wrap for their package? These things not only protect fragile items, but they are also very lightweight. Using lightweight materials helps you save money on shipping costs. Bu ...

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Summer Sun Safety Tips

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Most people today are aware of the fact that too much exposure to the sun can be bad for you. Sunlight can increase the rate at which you age, making you look old before your time. Too much sun can also increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Yet, many people still do not take the proper precautions to make sure they don’t sustain any sun damage. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the summer sun. Outdoor fun is fine as long you take the following simple, commonsense precautions: Sun Screen There are many good products on the market that you can buy that will provide you with adequate protection from too much sun. The products with a sun protection factor of greater than 30 are the best, but they do not last all day. Therefore you should reapply the sunscreen every two hours for as long as you are in the sun. Swimming removes sunscreen, so be sure to reapply after you get out of the water. Clothing In the summer we are often inclined to wear less clothes, not more. However, o ...

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Need to Clean Up Water Damage?

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Do you need to clean up water damage, but can’t afford the cost of a restoration service? Take heart. There are many basic steps that can be taken at home that are relatively inexpensive. It simply will require your time and effort. You Need to Get the Water Out and Stop More from Coming In Find out where the water is coming from and do what you can to cut it off from the source. Flooding due to nature is harder to address, but you can look for ways to divert water from your basement. Digging trenches, using drainage pipes, or putting up blockages could do the trick. If your problem is due to faulty pipes, your own or the city’s, the water can be shut off. Take a deep breath and get the water out next. If the level is not too high, use towels to absorb the water. You can also run a wet vacuum, removing a little at a time, or purchase a sump pump. You Need to Assess the Damages Once the surface water is gone, figure out what has been damaged. You may need to replace your washer, dryer, water he ...

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Smiling Helps Your Health

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One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to boost your overall health is to smile as much as you can. Scientific evidence indicates that those who smile all the time live several years longer, on average, than people who favor frowns. But what’s the connection between this particular facial expression and good health? For starters, smiling lowers a person’s level of stress. That’s important because continual stress taxes the organs and weakens the immune system’s effectiveness; the immune system actually fights disease best when the body is relaxed. The act of smiling wards off depression, too, a condition that’s physically debilitating. Indeed, depression so often induces a sluggishness that makes it difficult for a person to maintain an exercise routine. As a result, that person becomes more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, and a host of other serious ailments. What’s more, smiling can even lower blood pressure, and thus routine smiling lowers your chances of suffering ...

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Preventing Injuries from Fireworks

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Lots of things come to mind when we think about the 4th of July holiday, such as our nation’s independence, backyard barbecues, getting together with friends and family, and fireworks. For many Americans, it’s not a true 4th of July celebration without the traditional fireworks display. While millions of people attend public fireworks displays, others prefer to put on their own show. Laws regarding fireworks vary from state to state, so always be sure you are in compliance with the laws in your area before using fireworks. Since fireworks are so often used during holiday gatherings, it’s important to be sure that spectators watch from a safe distance when enjoying a fireworks display. For these reasons, it is important to be sure that you have comprehensive homeowners insurance to provide coverage in the event of an accident. Always be sure to carefully read the instructions and warnings that should accompany all fireworks. Fireworks can react in unpredictable ways, especially when they ...

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Learn More About Insurance

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When you want to manage the assets that you have accumulated over a lifetime, an investment in a life insurance policy can be a smart way to do so. Deciding to purchase a life insurance policy can help any person to engage in strategic wealth management. If you feel that you need to protect the assets that you have earned throughout the years, then you may wish to meet with an insurance agent who can help you to learn about your options. A professional life insurance professional can help you to understand the benefits of purchasing life insurance. Here are some benefits to consider for buying life insurance as a way of strategic wealth management. Life insurance proceeds do not incur estate taxes. The federal estate taxes can eat a significant chunk out of any person’s estate. When a person decides to buy life insurance, he or she will not have to worry about the estate tax. When life insurance proceeds are given to beneficiaries, no estate tax is triggered. This allows heirs to have access ...

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The Best Summer Jobs For Teenagers

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A summer job can help keep teenagers out of trouble. It can also teach them responsibility. Additionally, most teens enjoy having their own money. There are a number of great summer jobs for teenagers. Below are some of the jobs that your teenagers can get: Food Service A job in food service is great for teenagers who enjoy working with people. This type of job requires people to work with a team and follow instructions. Waiter/waitress, busboy/busgirl, cooks, hostess, and cooks are examples of some of the jobs that are available in food service. Keep in mind that teens who work in food service can potentially make a decent income because many restaurants allow their workers to earn money in tips. Nanny Responsible teens who love children may want to consider working as nannies. Nannies are in high demand because most parents work during the summer and need someone to care for their children. Nanny jobs typically pay fairly well. Furthermore, the experience that a person gets working as a nanny can prepar ...

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